Artist Statement


     In my artistic practice, I take landscapes, cityscapes and other familiar scenes and abstract them to create worlds brimming with life and rich in perspective.


    The raw materials of my paintings – the colors, shapes, and textures – are used to evoke excitement and the variety of things that we see and experience in our lives. This is my starting point. I want people who see my paintings to taste life, to hear sounds through textures and shapes.


    While the colors and textures in my paintings help immerse my viewers, the overall composition and collage gives them room to explore.


    The natural world is one of my inspirations. My paintings strive to capture the place where city and nature meet. There are buildings and lakes, people and birds, sounds and drama, and especially trees, which are a source of peace and perspective.


    I believe I am successful in my work when all of these elements work together to create new ways of seeing.